Manimahesh Yatra Himachal Pradesh

Manimahesh Yatra Himachal Pradesh

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Mani Mahesh Peak is located 35km from Bharmour. It is also called Chamba Kailash. The peak is 5486m above sea level. The pilgrimage to Mani Mahesh is called "Man ka Mahesh" because it provides one with spiritual satisfaction after viewing Mount Kailash and taking a holy dip in the lake. The Mani Mahesh Yatra begins on Krishna Janmashtami and concludes on Radha Ashtami every year.

The route to Manimahesh is via Chamba, Himachal Pradesh and Bharmour. For Manimahesh Yatra take train or flight for Pathankot & arrive. The journey starts for Pathankot or Chakki bank railway station to Chamba & night at Chamba. Next day For Bharmour & Motorable road ends at Hadsar, about 12 km from Bharmour. The rest of the path is to be covered on foot, about 13 km of steep climb by the banks of Manimahesh Ganga, which originates from the Manimahesh Kailash peak. During the annual pilgrimage in August - September, numerous night-shelters and eateries spring up by the trekking route. Night-shelter is also available at village Dhancho, about 6 km from Hadsar on the way to Manimahesh, round the year.

Location Chart:-
Pathankot or Chakki Bank - Chamba - Bharmour - Hudsar - Dancho - Mani Mahesh - Dancho - Hudsar - Chamba - Khajjiar -Dalhousie - Pathankot / Chakki Bank 
Best time to Visit: May till September 

Altitude 3970 m 
Type of Trek Easy
Total no. of trek days 4 days
Fixed Departure dates Minimum 2 member group, ideal for students
Starting point of trek Hudsar
End point of trek Hudsar


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