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How to reach Pangi valley

How to reach Pangi Valley by taxi road train air

Pangi is only connected by road or paths.

From Chamba and Churah there is a road over the Sach. This is the shortest route. If you are traveling from Chamba. Distance from Killar is about 170 Kms. However, these passes remain snowbound for most of the year and are open for a short spell in late summer. Almost more than half of year these remains closed because of heavy snowfall. Even at this time, the route is fairly treacherous and sections are over glaciers and there is a danger of avalanches.

From Lahaul, there is a road from Keylong via Udaipur, Rohli, Shour and Purthi. Small sturdy vehicles can ply on this during the short summer. From Keylong the distance to Killar is 131 kms.

From Kishtwar, in the adjoining, the route is a combination of vehicular stretches and foot tracks. The distance is 116  kms. When the land routes to pangi close, a helicopter-service is occasionally available, in the days of winter and spring.