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Places to visit in Dalhousie

Places to visit in Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh

Panchpula, Dalhousie :- Shrouded by a green blanket of pine and Deodar trees and enfolding refreshing water streams, the picturesque Panchpula has always been one of the most favorite spots of tourists in Dalhousie. It is a nice picnic spot, where you can spend some time with your family and friends and enjoy the loveliness of exotic waterfalls and refreshing streams. Some of these streams even contain medicinal properties that are helpful in healing skin diseases. The Panchpula is a scenic place, which is surrounded by picturesque mountains and green valleys and is only three kilometers from the main city of Dalhousie.

Satdhara Falls, Dalhousie :- The exquisite Satdhara Falls in Dalhousie region of Himachal Pradesh is filled with scenic beauty and serene ambience making it one of the most popular sightseeing attractions. This stunning Satdhara fall derives its name from the seven beautiful springs that flows from a height of 2036 meters, passing the majestic mountains and cliffs of Chamba Valley. This amazing waterfall is set amid a very pleasant surroundingin Dalhousie and offers beautiful views of snow-covered mountains, surrounded by pine and Deodar trees. This place gives an excellent experience to the guests, who are in search of peace sand tranquility.

Chamera Lake, Dalhousie :- Dalhousie has a collection of some of the most beautiful and rich natural splendors and the Chamera Lake, in the Chamba district, is one of such attraction, which almost every tourists love to visit in Dalhousie. Located at a distance of 25 km from Dalhousie, the exquisite Chamera Lake is actually a reservoir formed by the Chamera Dam, which is positioned at an altitude of 1700 meters. This popular tourist spot of Himachal Pradesh is loved by every tourist and is visited most often. It is a major source of water supply for the villagers and is continuously fed by the Ravi River.

Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie :- Dainkund in Dalhousie region is a place worth visiting, thanks to its beautiful snow covered peaks and lush green surroundings that attract many tourists every year to this stunning place. Dainkund is the highest peak in Dalhousie and gets maximum snowfall during the winter season. There is a motorable road that leads to this hill, but one can also choose to trek this distance as the views are really astonishing here. This whole stretch is full of natural beauty that gives a completely different experience to the guests.