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Places to visit in Leh Ladakh

Places of visit in Leh Ladakh

Buddhist Monasteries :- Sightseeing in Leh Ladakh begins with a tour of the Buddhist monasteries of the region. In fact, these monasteries are the most distinguishing feature of Ladakh. The Hemis monastery is the largest monastery of Ladakh with an exquisite painting of Lord Buddha, displayed once in 2 yrs. Then, there is the Shey monastery with a gold plated copper statue of Buddha. Alchi, Lamayuru, Likir, Spituk, Thikse, Stakana, Sankar, etc are some of the other popular monasteries in Ladakh.

Leh Palace :- Leh Palace counts amongst the popular places to see in Ladakh. This nine-story palace was built in the 17th century. However, because of neglect, the palace now stands mostly in ruins.

Adventure Sports :- one of the major tourist attractions of Ladakh are the adventure sports of the region. Ample opportunities as well as facilities are available in Ladakh for trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing, cycling, camel safari, yak safari, etc.

Wildlife :- Ladakh is home to some of the most exotic wildlife species. Thriving on the minimal vegetation, poor shelter, rocky terrain and bitter cold are the wild animals like Yak, Nyan, Urial, Churu, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Bharal, etc. Ladakh also plays host to a number of resident as well as migratory birds.

Leh Mosque :- Leh Mosque, in the main Bazaar, is an architectural beauty. A Sunni Muslim Mosque, the Leh Mosque is believed to be built on the land granted by King Deldan Namgial, the grandson of the Muslim Queen of Ladakh.

Chamba Temple :- One place definitely worth walking through the putrid smelling puddles to visit, however, is the Chamba temple. It's not easy to find on your own; ask at the second row of shops on the left after the big arch for the key keeper (gonyer), who will show you the way. Hemmed in by dilapidated medieval mansions, the one roomed shrine houses a colossal image of Maitreya, the Buddha to come, and some wonderful old wall paintings.

Leh Fort :- The Leh fort, built by Zorawar Singh, contains three temples but cannot be visited because it is within the military camp area.

Leh Shanti Stupa :- This is a primary attraction. Copies of it have sprouted everywhere in India, but none comes with a backdrop like this one. And of course, the serenity is unparalleled. An epitome of peace, the Shanti Stupa in Leh will fill your senses with wonder and quietude.

Leh Palace :- If you are in Leh, it's really hard to miss the 17th century Leh Palace. It is a 15-minute walk from the Leh Market and has a unique beauty to it. Climb on top of this beautiful palace, partly restored from ruins and enjoy the views of the lovely valleys of Ladakh