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Places to visit in Mandi

Places to visit in Mandi

Janjehli :- At a distance of 85 Km from Mandi, Janjehli is one of the virgin tourist places, where tourists find serene beauty of nature. It is also a paradise for hikers, offering treks up to a height of 3,300 metres. After covering 32 Km by a motorable road up to Gohar and rest of the journey is on foot. In the midst of thick forests, a forest (15 Km from Gohar) is Bajahi.

Karsog valley :-  Karsog valley in the Mandi district is famous for apple orchards and dense forests. In the Karsog area Kamaksha Devi and Mahunag are the famous temples. Karsog is situated at a distance of 125 Km from Mandi and is also accessible from Shimla (100 Km) via Tattapani. The place Tattapani is famous for hot water springs on the side of Satluj River.

Joginder Nagar :- The large hydro-electric project in Jogindernagar is a living tribute to man he has harnessed and tamed the wild and roaring river for his betterment. Here an electric trolley takes the visitor up the steep, rocky face of 2,500 metres-high (8,202 ft) mountain and drops sharply on the other side to Barot, where the reservoir is located.

Rewalsar :- About 25 Km from Mandi, 14 Km from Ner Chowk is the Rewalsar lake, famous for its floating islands of reed. It is believed that all of them can be moved by prayer or breeze. The place is held sacred by Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist alike. Legend has it that the great teacher and "tantric", Padmasambhava used his enormous powers to take flight to Tibet from Rewalsar. Also known as Guru Rimpoche, the precious Master, it was under Padmasambhava's influence that Mahayana Buddhism took root in Tibet and at Rewalsar waters, his spirit is said to reside in the tiny island of floating reed that drift over the waters. There are three Buddhist monasteries at Rewalsar.

Sunder Nagar :- Famous for its temples, 26 Km from Mandi towards Shimla and at a height of 1,174 metres on the raised edge of a fertile valley, the beautiful town of Sundernagar is known for its shady walks amidst towering trees. On top of a hill and visited by thousands of devotees every year, is the Sukhdev Vatika and temple of Mahamaya.

Parashar Lake :- This Lake lies 45 Km north of Mandi, with a three storied pagoda like temple dedicated to the sage Parashar. The Lake is located at an height of 2,730 m above sea level. With deep blue waters, the Lake is held sacred to the sage Parashar and he is regarded to have meditated here. Framed by snow-capped peaks and looking down on fast flowing river Beas, the lake can be approached via Drang. Every year in the month of June, famous traditional fair is held here.