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Pushkar Fair Tour

Pushkar Fair Tour
Pushkar Fair is indeed one of the rarest fairs that attract a mass of visitors from all over the world. In fact, it is the Pushkar Fair, which transforms the Rajasthan into a spectacular fair ground in the month of October/November. This fair is known to strike the best strings prevalent in the hearts of its inhabitants. Festive mood with full of gaiety and fun can be witness at every step.

Above all, it is the tradition that is kept alive through this fair form the perennial pillar of all the activities of Pushkar Fair. There are scores of camels bought and sold along with decking up and parading them high on the sand dunes, which are indeed fascinating to the traveler, especially who is witnessing the entire process for the first time.

Tradition, in its true and authentic form can be witnessed without fail as far as this fair is concerned. Indeed, it is the Pushkar fair that brings together loads of villagers from different parts of Rajasthan. Other than buying and selling some people come here to enjoy pilgrimage. Filled with fun and activity, this Pushkar fair is just awesome in every sense of the term. Apart from all this, you can also buy scores of tiny things falling in the category of traditional and ancient articles. Such is the magnanimity of this place. You can also get your any of the body parts tattooed in the most subtle and apt manner.

Pushkar Lake is considered to be one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in India, the only one in the country associated with Lord Brahma. The place simply teems with the devotees and the holy men or sages in various garbs who come to the temple (Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Mandir) to pray and take a holy dip in the sacred waters of the Pushkar Lake. Apart from the religious rituals and festivities, people participate in a number of cultural and sporting events. The variety of folk dances and songs lend vivid splashes of colour and music to the atmosphere that is already charged with excitement of the camel races and the cattle fair. The bargaining process, which involves a great deal of haggling between the camel traders and the buyers, add to the spirit of the fair.