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Tourist Destination Kargil, India

Kargil is called the land of Agas in the present day world. Kargil with a population of approx 1.25 lakhs is scattered over an area of 14,086 Sq. Km. It is situated at a distance of 205 KM from Srinagar towards Leh. It is due to the fact that Kargil is mostly inhabited by Shia Muslims and Agas are the religious head and preachers.

The name Kargil is derived from two words Khar and rKil. Khar means castle and rKil means centre thus a place between castles as the place lay between many kingdoms. In the views of many critics, the word Kargil has been derived from the words Gar and Khil. Gar in local language mean 'Any where' and Khil means a central place where people could stay. This has the support of the fact that the place is equidistant from Srinagar, Skardo, Leh and Padum with around 200 Kms. With the passage of time Khar rKil or Gar Khil came to be known as Kargil. The present bureaucrat and historian Parvez Dewan in his contribution to the book "Kargil Blunder" reveals that a pioneer namely Kargeel cleared the forests in Poyen and Shilikchay area before the advent of Thatha Khan to dwell in the area and later the place assumed its name.

Location: 204 km from Srinagar

Altitude: 7672m

Significance: Capital of the Ladakh.

How to spend time/Attractions: Trekking, Mountaineering, Photography, Camping and sightseeing.


In Kargil, one can see some of the finest examples of Turkish architecture. Day-long excursions can be taken to Mulbekh or to the Suru valley to observe the grandeur of the Himalayan range from close quarters. The evening can be spent profitably by walking along the river. The ancient fort bridge across it gives a splendid view of the tiered and terraced township sweeping down the hillside. A stroll in the ancient bazaar might lead to a shop selling attractive flint and tobacco pouches, travelling hookahs and brass kettles - handcrafted items of everyday use which find their way into the mart as curios. Pashmina shawls, cloth paintings using Buddhist themes and symbols, and turquoise can be bought here at bargain prices. And who knows, perchance, you may brush shoulders with one of the Minaros (or Brokpas), a tribe that claims descent from the army of Alexander of Macedonia.