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Travel agents and tour operators in Kullu, Kullu Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Kullu Himachal Pradesh India

Tourist Destination Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Height: 1,230 m

Area: 5,503 sq.kms

Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Pahari, English are understood and spoken by the people engaged in tourism trade

The most charming and beautiful Kullu valley spreads out its charm on either side of river Beas. The valley runs north to south of this river and is 80 km long and about 2 km at its broadest. Yet with awe inspiring glens and mossy meadows encircled by the rushing streams and meandering brooks, flung east & west, a fairly wide area is open to the tourists, the trekkers, the mountaineers, the artists and to anyone who wishes to escape the heat & dust of the plains to breathe the exhilarating air of the Himalaya and enjoy the spectacle of the variegated mountain scenery. The valley is also famous for its exquisitely woven colourful handmade shawls and Kullu caps.

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