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Tourist Destination Palampur Himachal Pradesh

Height: 1,219 m

The town of Palampur is situated in an idyllic valley priding itself with tea gardens, and hills covered with pine trees. The place enjoys a year-round pleasant climate and the pine scented air is said to have curative properties. The scenery presents a sublime and beautiful contrast- the valleys presents a picture of rural innocence and repose, while the hills are majestic. Overlooking this town are the majestic Dhauladhars, whose tops remain covered with snow for most of the year. This place is thronged by tourists and is now being developed as a large tourist centre. An Agricultural University and a Central Scientific Research Institute's IHBT are pride of the town. Some tea factories are also coming up here.

While in town one could go for one of the several pleasant walks around the town. A short walk from here takes one to the awe inspiring Bundla Chasm which has a fall of over 100 meters to the Bundla stream. The stream is a thin streak running over stony ground far below the cliff. During the monsoon season, it swells and rages madly over the entire width of the chasm taking stones and boulders along with it making thunder like loud roaring noise.

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