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Travel agents and tour operators in Shimla, Shimla Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Shimla Himachal Pradesh India

Tourist Destination Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Height: Most of the town lies between 2,100 m and 2,300 m

Languages spoken: Hindi. Also English, Punjabi and Pahari.

Religion: Mostly Hindu, Also Sikh, Muslim and Christian

As the Summer Capital of the British in India, Shimla was the country's focus for the better part of every year and now, is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. The town of Shimla rose in the nineteenth century when the Gurkha Wars came to an end in 1815-16 and the victorious British decided to retain certain pockets as military outposts and sanitaria. In 1822 the most rigorous of dandies and the greatest of sticklers for form Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy, Political Agent to the Hill States directed that a house be built for him at the village whose name is variously reported as Sheyamalaya Shumlah, Shimlu and Shemlah. Kennedy House led the vanguard of the hundred-odd houses that were to scatter themselves by 1841 over every level or gently inclining space. Lured by the climate and terrain scores of European invalids began moving to the station and the only stipulation of the local chief who owned the land was that no tree be cut or cattle slaughtered

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